Li Yang

Hey everyone! My name is Li Yang and I'm new to the adult live cam site. I hope you can show me the ropes and take great care of me while I learn how to get around. Just so you know, the internet in mainland China can be sketchy during live streams, so please don't mind if there are any break ins. I'm so glad to have made some new wicked friends here. We can talk about anything, from our sexual urges to our hobbies. Over 300 people are now following me, which is great! It connects me to the world in a deep way. If you want to know how I look or watch some of the videos I've made for my fans, please go to my page and start an exciting trip into our secret lives. I feel comfortable talking about sex. PS: I made some adult videos that you can now watch on my biography page. Sign up for SWAG Live for free, and we'll take it from there.

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